The effects of infliximab therapy on health-related quality of life in ulcerative colitis patients

Brian G. Feagan*, Walter Reinisch, Paul Rutgeerts, William J. Sandborn, Songkai Yan, Debra Eisenberg, Mohan Bala, Jewel Johanns, Allan Olson, Stephen B. Hanauer

*Corresponding author for this work

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OBJECTIVES: The impact of infliximab induction and maintenance therapy on health-related quality of life (HRQL) was evaluated in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). METHODS: In two placebo-controlled, double-blind studies (the Active Ulcerative Colitis Trials 1 and 2 [ACT 1 and 2]), 728 patients were randomized to placebo or infliximab 5 mg/kg or 10 mg/kg. Infusions were administered at weeks 0, 2, 6, and every 8 wk thereafter, up to week 22 (ACT 2) or 46 (ACT 1). Changes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Questionnaire (IBDQ) and Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short Form Health Survey physical and mental component summary (PCS and MCS, respectively) scores were analyzed. RESULTS: Baseline scores for the pooled patient population indicated substantial impairment in HRQL. Improvement at week 8 in the total IBDQ score was significantly greater in the infliximab 5-mg/kg (40, P < 0.001) and 10-mg/kg (36, P < 0.001) groups compared with the placebo group (28). Improvement at week 8 was also significantly greater in the infliximab 5- and 10-mg/kg groups for the PCS (6.8 and 5.9, respectively) and MCS (5.9 and 6.4, respectively) compared with placebo (PCS = 3.7, MCS = 3.0, P < 0.01 for all comparisons). Continued benefit was seen at weeks 30 and 54 with infliximab maintenance therapy (P < 0.001 for all comparisons). Improvement in total IBDQ score correlated significantly (P < 0.001) with improvement in both PCS and MCS scores, and Mayo score. CONCLUSIONS: Infliximab therapy substantially improved HRQL in patients with UC. This benefit was sustained through 1 yr with maintenance infliximab therapy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)794-802
Number of pages9
JournalAmerican Journal of Gastroenterology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 1 2007

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