The Role of Estrogen Receptor α and β in Regulating Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation is Based on Sex

Melissa E. Hogg, Ashley K. Vavra, Monisha N. Banerjee, Janet Martinez, Qun Jiang, Larry K. Keefer, Pierre Chambon, Melina R. Kibbe*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Background: We previously demonstrated that vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC) proliferation and development of neointimal hyperplasia as well as the ability of nitric oxide (NO) to inhibit these processes is dependent on sex and hormone status. The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of estrogen receptor (ER) in mediating proliferation in male and female VSMC. Materials and Methods: Proliferation was assessed in primary rat aortic male and female VSMC using 3H-thymidine incorporation in the presence or absence of ER alpha (α) inhibitor methyl-piperidino-pyrazole, the ER beta (β) inhibitor (R,R)-5,11-Diethyl-5,6,11,12-tetrahydro-2,8-chrysenediol, the combined ERαβ inhibitor ICI 182,780, and/or the NO donor DETA/NO. Proliferation was also assessed in primary aortic mouse VSMC harvested from wildtype (WT), ERα knockout (ERα KO), and ERβ knockout (ERβ KO) mice in the presence or absence of DETA/NO and the ERα, ERβ, and ERαβ inhibitors. Protein levels were assessed using Western blot analysis. Results: Protein expression of ERα and ERβ was present and equal in male and female VSMC, and did not change after exposure to NO. Inhibition of either ERα or ERβ had no effect on VSMC proliferation in the presence or absence of NO in either sex. However, inhibition of ERαβ in rat VSMC mitigated NO-mediated inhibition in female but not male VSMC (P < 0.05). Evaluation of proliferation in the knockout mice revealed distinct patterns. Male ERαKO and ERβKO VSMC proliferated faster than male WT VSMC (P < 0.05). Female ERβKO proliferated faster than female WT VSMC (P < 0.05), but female ERαKO VSMC proliferated slower than female WT VSMC (P < 0.05). Last, we evaluated the effect of combined inhibition of ERα and ERβ in these knockout strains. Combined ERαβ inhibition abrogated NO-mediated inhibition of VSMC proliferation in female WT and knockout VSMC (P < 0.05), but not in male VSMC. Conclusions: These data clearly demonstrate a role for the ER in mediating VSMC proliferation in both sexes. However, these data suggest that the antiproliferative effects of NO may be regulated by the ER in females but not males.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)e1-e10
JournalJournal of Surgical Research
Issue number1
StatePublished - Mar 2012


  • estrogen receptors
  • hormones
  • neointimal hyperplasia
  • nitric oxide
  • vascular smooth muscle

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