The subgaleal endoscopic browlift.

M. S. Kokoska*, J. R. Thomas

*Corresponding author for this work

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Most endoscopic browlifts are performed in a subperiosteal plane with or without fixation posterior to the hairline at the incision site. The extent and longevity of browlifting are variable and somewhat unpredictable. We reviewed the literature on endoscopic browlifting techniques and describe herein our technique for the subgaleal endoscopic browlift procedure. It differs from the published reports of subperiosteal endoscopic techniques in the plane of dissection, circumvention of a periosteal release, and suture fixation at the brow level. We have used this technique for browlifting in male and female patients alike, as well as in patients with preoperative brow asymmetries, with consistent results.

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