Vacant-site octahedral tilings on SrTiO3 (001), the (√13×√13)R33.7° surface, and related structures

D. M. Kienzle*, A. E. Becerra-Toledo, L. D. Marks

*Corresponding author for this work

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The structure of the SrTiO3 (001) (√13×√13) R33.7° surface reconstruction has been determined using transmission electron diffraction combined with direct methods and density functional theory. It has a TiO2-rich surface with a 2D tiling of edge or corner-sharing TiO5□ octahedra. Additionally, different arrangements of these octahedral units at the surface, dictated by local bond-valence sums, form 2D networks that can account for many ordered surface reconstructions as well as disordered glasslike structures consistent with the multitude of structures observed experimentally, and potentially other materials and interfaces.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number176102
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number17
StatePublished - Apr 29 2011

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