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This paper reviews some aspects of wave motions and vibrations in directionally reinforced composites for small deformations and linear behavior of the constituents. Some of the basic concepts of the motions of elastic continua are briefly reviewed in Appendixes A and B. An investigation of the propagation of mechanical disturbances is of importance for bodies that are subjected to high-rate loads such as are generated by impact or by explosive charges. For a directionally reinforced composite the character of the dynamic response depends on the direction of propagation of the disturbances. For wave motions propagating in the direction of the reinforcements, the reinforcing elements act as waveguides. Mechanical disturbances are subjected to attenuation when propagating in composite materials. The attenuation is effected through geometrical dispersion, and dispersion due to other mechanisms, such as are related to inelastic material behavior, delamination, internal voids and cracks, and crushing of composite constituents. Of the various dispersion mechanisms structural dispersion and dispersion due to inelastic material behavior are analytically treated by using mathematical equations. Experimental results obtained by ultrasonic techniques, sock-tube tests, and flyer-plate impact tests are presented and evaluated by means of equations developed. Refs.

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JournalCompos Mater
StatePublished - Jan 1 1974

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